The Defence Human Sciences Symposium will be held on 6 and 7 November at the University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes campus

Hosted by the Defence Science and Technology Group, the Defence Human Sciences Symposium (DHSS) is the principal Australian forum for those interested in the application of human sciences research to enhance Defence capability. The theme for this year’s symposium is “Human Sciences Innovation for the Future”. This year DHSS will provide an opportunity to learn more about the Human Performance Research Network (HPRnet) initiative.

For over 60 years Human Science scientists and engineers have employed innovative methods and contributed to significant outcomes for Defence. Initially located in Fishermen’s Bend, Victoria (as part of the then Aeronautical Research Laboratory) and now distributed across the country in universities, industry and Defence establishments, scientists and engineers continue to contribute to the development of many systems to support humans in varied and complex environments. This year’s symposium will reflect on what the Defence Human Sciences community has achieved so far and look forward to the opportunities and challenges that the next 60 years may bring for delivering world class support to Defence.


DHSS Draft Program 6 -7 Nov 2017

Day 1 - Monday 6 Nov 2017


0815              Registration desk open

0840-0910    Welcome – Dr Nick Beagley RL LHS DSTG and Prof Duncan Campbell Head of School of Engineering, UniSA
Keynote address    Chair: Dr Nick Beagley
0910-1005        Collective performance enhancement frontiers Part 1: An unmet end-user demand    MAJGEN Jeffrey Sengelman & Eugene Aidman

1005-1025        Collective performance enhancement frontiers Part 2: The role of team diversity and interactional competence     Eugene Aidman & MAJGEN Jeffrey Sengelman

1025-1045    Morning Tea, Mini-Orals & Posters

Defence Focused – Autonomous Systems/HF    Chair: Dr Justin Fidock
1045-1105        Investigating the cognitive implications of HMIs for tele-operation and supervisory control of robotic land vehicles    Anna Ma-Wyatt, Justin Fidock, Daniel Johnstone
1105-1125        Quantifying Suboptimal Automation Use    Megan Bartlett & Jason S McCarley
1125-1145        Increasing Transparency to Facilitate Appropriate Behavioural Reliance on Autonomous Systems    Adella Bhaskara, Shayne Loft, Ryan Li, Lain Duong, Ronan McInerney, James Brooks, Michael Skinner, Christopher Shanahan & Helen Pongracic
1145-1205        Rise of the Machines: Optimizing the Balance between Automation and Human Manual Control    Shayne Loft

1205-1300    Lunch & Mini-Orals (Elspeth Oppermann)

National Security    Chair: Dr Dragana Calic
1300-1320        It’s the receiver AND the deceiver: individual differences in susceptibility to phishing and false positives, and profiling items    Sabina Kleitman, Marvin Law & Judy Kay
1320-1340        Think before you click: The effects of systematic processing on phishing susceptibility Meredith Lillie, Marcus Butavicius & Kathryn Parsons
1340-1400        Locating and accessing radicalisation data for social influence modelling purposes: Obstacles and opportunities    Lucy Resnyansky, Andrew Goldsmith, Russell Brewer & Melissa de Vel Palumbo
1400-1405    Leg stretch in situ

National Security & Human Performance    Chair: Dr Eugene Aidman
1405-1425        Distance, Borders, and Time: Modelling the Diffusion and Permeability of Political Violence    Christian Leuprecht, David Skillicorn, Olivier Walther & Quan Zheng
1425-1445        The Human Impact of Future Cyber Disasters    Harriet Slack & Chris Reeve
1445-1505        Resilient Cognition and Military Decision Making    Richard Keegan, Kristy Martin, Ben Rattray, Sarah Robinson, David Pyne & Eugene Aidman

1505-1525    Afternoon tea, Mini-Orals (Di Robertson) & Posters

Human Performance    Chair: Dr David Crone
1525-1545        Effects of Agent Transparency on Operators’ Performance, Workload and Trust for Autonomous System Target Identification in the Maritime Domain     Gloria Chan, Susan Cockshell, Anna Ma-Wyatt & Kingley Fletcher
1545-1605        The Effects of Group Dynamics on Studies Involving Military Users    David Zmood & Larissa Cahill
1605-1625        Decision Tools Manipulating Assent: Rational Persuasion, Paternalism and Trust    Kate Devitt
1625-1645        Dynamic Scenario-based Cognitive Assessment: Preliminary Findings and Implications    Sabina Kleitman, Matthew Blanchard, Simon Jackson, Nikzad, Rizvandi, Eugene Nalivaiko & Eugene Aidman
1645-1650    Leg stretch in situ

Panel Discussion     Chair: Mr Phil Temby          
1650-1750        Respecting our participants: Human research ethics for emerging fields    Dragana Calic, Eugene Aidman, Nick Beagley, Jacqui Willans-Price, Glenn Burgess & Michael Pilling

1750-1900    Break & Posters    

1900-2200    Symposium Dinner – Watershed Function Centre and Café Mawson Lakes    

Day 2 - Tuesday 7 Nov 2017

Training     Chair: Dr Susan Cockshell                
0920-0940        Enhancing Collective Training in the Australian Army: Insights from the Team Training Literature    Ben Hoggan & Philip Temby
0940-1000        A First Look at the Secondary Training Audience in Air Force Synthetic Exercises    Christopher Best, Ben Rice, Simon Hosking & Dawei Jia
1000-1020        Comparing Self and Instructor Assessments of Novice Army Truck Drivers    Susannah Whitney, Philip Temby & Ben Hoggan

1020-1045    Morning Tea, Mini-Orals (Jessica Harris) & Posters     

Human Performance    Chair: Dr Chris Best
1045-1105        Effects of a Brief Training Intervention on Situation Awareness in a Simulated Military Task    Alex McNaughton, Susannah Whitney, Philip Temby & Aspa Sarris
1105-1125        Maritime Tactical Uninhabited Aerial System (MTUAS) Integration with Ship Command    Susan Cockshell, Kingsley Fletcher, Sarah Hibbard, Kirsty McCulloch, Sebastian Tsui & Andrew Knight
1125-1145        Human Sciences Shaping a Future Submarine Sam Huf, Kate Ponton, Peter Henley & Megan Schmitt
1145-1205        Assessing Commander Decision Making with a Bright Fox – What a Cunning Plan!    Philip Temby, Mark Antoniades, Madeleine Krastev & Luke Thiele

1205-1300    Lunch & Mini-Orals (Julia Carins; Matthew Sinnott)   

Defence Focused – Health, Food & Nutrition    Chair: Dr Ross Coad
1300-1320        Nutraceutical foods for Defence health and performance    Roger Stanley, Tanvi Shinde & Rajaraman Eri
1320-1340        Effects of probiotic+prebiotic supplementation on cognition, mental well-being and mood    Reneshree Govender, Eva Kemps, Katie Tooley, Diane Pomeroy & Bianka Probert
1340-1400        Dietary supplements and cognitive enhancement: A systematic review  Diane Pomeroy, Ally Wilson, Katie Tooley, Bianka Probert & Eva Kemps
1400-1405    Leg stretch in situ

Defence Focused – Health, Food & Nutrition    Chair: Dr Ross Coad
1405-1425        Caffeine reduces the degrading impact of drowsiness on cognitive performance: a randomised placebo-controlled study    Michael Balin, Simon Jackson, Kayla Johnson, Siobhan Banks, Gemma Paech, Maja Pajcin, Crystal Grant, Gary Kamimori, Elizabeth Mitchelson, Justin Fidock, Chris Della Vedova & Eugene Aidman
1425-1445        Treating Veterans with Trauma: enhancing treatment, resilience programs and pre-deployment compression    Robert Holmes, Ian Snape, Marc Cohen, David Snowden Mark Setch & Mike Weeks
1445-1505        The Operational eXoskeleton (OX) – A Passive Exoskeleton Based on a Flexible Support System    Thomas Chapman & Kurt Mudie

1505-1525    Afternoon Tea, Mini-Orals (Julien Epps) & Posters

Methodologies    Chair: Dr Sam Huf
1525-1545        Ocular Biomechanics for Assessing Virtual Environments in Military Training    Julie Iskander, Mo Hossny &  Saeid Nahavandi
1605-1625       User Testing of Conceptual Operations Room Designs for Future Surface Combatants   Susan Cockshell, Kingsley Fletcher & Victor Demzcuk
1625-1630    Leg Stretch in Situ    

Panel Session    Chair: Dr David Crone
1630-1730        Defence Human Sciences – 60 years of Research and Support in Australia    Mike Skinner, John Hansen, Samuel Huf, Susan Cockshell, Eugene Aidman

1730-1740    Symposium Close &  Prizes
1740-1830    Farewell Drinks





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